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CNBC Interview 8/10/20

Kyle Detwiler

Senator Daschle


CNBC [00:00:00] Let's start with legalization federally, which is not going to happen, but would be such a big deal. But I wonder more about states that are desperate for revenues. Are we going to see more states legalize cannabis?


Senator Daschle [00:00:12] I don't think there's any question about it. We've seen a dramatic increase in utilization. I think especially as a result, of covid, as a result of covid, states have declared cannabis dispensaries as essential facilities.


Senator Daschle [00:00:29] And so it's yet another indication of the role that cannabis is playing across the country. So you're going to see increased pressure across the country to find ways with which to utilize cannabis. And I think you're going to see even more legalization.


CNBC [00:00:44] Yeah. And Kyle, over to you now, specifically to your decision to go the spac route and what it's going to allow. Obviously, it allows you to go public in a relatively rapid fashion. But how is it going to change your approach in terms of running the business, if at all?


Kyle Detwiler [00:01:00] I don't think anything changes from the day to day. But being able to access the Nasdaq as a federally legal cannabis company I think is quite amazing. We've made a lot of strides internationally.


[00:01:10] We've partnered with Canopy Growth. We're the first company in Colombia to ever export legal cannabis. But now having that that currency on on an exchange with the prestige of the Nasdaq is immense and that will enable us to speed up our commercialization internationally. And possibly if there is legalization in the United States, we might be able to begin to import our products to the United States.


CNBC [00:01:36] Hey, Kyle, it's dirigibles, I hear when you were on in December, Deb Feyerick just referred to that. You said that you guys were targeting free cash flow positive by mid this year. I'm just wondering, where do those plans stand now? You raise money in April, now going public through the SPAC grow. Where does that stand?


Kyle Detwiler [00:01:56] Yeah, we're a little behind, you know, Covid caused a bit of commercial interruption for those that weren't aware, they actually stopped international air cargo flights from Colombia for for almost three months. So, you know, we're a little bit behind the pace in terms of commercialization. But I think, you know, if we look back to our canopy contractor, you know, we announced a very big supply agreement with with Canopy's Latin American division a couple of months ago. I think you're going to see more more moves like that, more rationality is setting into the industry. You know, Canopy was able to take advantage of an asset like business model by working with us. One of the largest but lowest cost producers in the world. And hopefully, I think that means great things for twenty 20 one where we expect to now be cash flow positive.


CNBC [00:02:37] Kyle, you mentioned more rationality coming into the industry and you're becoming a public company, arguably a couple of years after there was this gold rush feeling out there where there were new public companies. It's excitement over decriminalization and legalization across the country. Are we still waiting for the kind of basics to be set in place for this industry to actually going to make good on those on those ambitions?


CNBC [00:02:57] Because it does seem as if a lot has happened before. It's become, I guess, fully mainstream and available everywhere.






Kyle Detwiler [00:03:04] Yeah, I think I've always taken a very long term approach to this. We never wanted to go public too early. I think a lot of companies, especially the cannabis industry, have missed, you know, regulatory filings or S.E.C. filing deadlines. We wanted to wait and take your time and make sure we did it right. I think holistically, I believe we're in the second inning of a nine inning baseball game. You know, the international markets are still very early. You know, we haven't proven to the world or nobody's seen a US federal legalization. So when our products are showing up in New York City and Los Angeles, produced in Colombia, produced in Portugal. Now, I think we're really going to see what the Clever Leaves engine can do.


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