Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2022
Leases [Abstract]  
LEASES LEASESOn January 1, 2022, we adopted the accounting standard ASC 842, Leases, using the modified retrospective method. We elected this adoption date as our date of initial application. As a result, we have not updated financial information related to, nor have we provided disclosures required under ASC 842 for, periods prior to January 1, 2022. The primary changes to our policies relate to recognizing most leases on our statement of financial position as liabilities with corresponding right-of-use ("ROU") assets.
The Company has entered into agreements under which we lease various real estate spaces in North America, Europe and Latin America, under non-cancellable leases that expire on various dates through calendar year 2029. Some of our leases include options to extend the term of such leases for a period from 12 months to 60 months, and/or have options to early terminate the lease. Some of our leases require us to pay certain operating expenses in addition to base rent, such as taxes, insurance and maintenance costs.

As the Company’s leases do not typically provide an implicit rate, the Company utilizes the appropriate incremental borrowing rate, determined as the rate of interest that the Company would have to pay to borrow on a collateralized basis over a similar term and in a similar economic environment.

Practical Expedients

The modified retrospective approach included a package of optional practical expedients that we elected to apply. Among other things, these expedients permitted us not to reassess prior conclusions regarding lease identification, lease classification and initial direct costs under ASC 842. The Company does not separate lease and non-lease components in determining ROU assets or lease liabilities for real estate leases. Additionally, the Company does not recognize ROU assets or lease liabilities for leases with original terms or renewals of one year or less.

Financial Statement Classification March 31, 2022
Operating lease costs:
Fixed lease costs Operating expenses $ 463 
Total lease costs $ 463 
The operating lease costs in the table above include costs for long-term and short-term leases. Total short-term costs for the three months ended March 31, 2022 was approximately $57. Variable lease costs primarily include maintenance, utilities and operating expenses that are incremental to the fixed base rent payments and are excluded from the calculation of operating lease liabilities and ROU assets. Total variable lease costs were immaterial. For the three months ended March 31, 2022, cash paid for amounts associated with our operating lease liabilities were approximately $423 which were classified as operating activities in the consolidated statement of cash flows.

The following table shows our undiscounted future fixed payment obligations under our recognized operating leases and a reconciliation to the operating lease liabilities as of March 31, 2022:

Leases and a reconciliation to the operating lease liabilities as of March 31, 2022
Remainder of Year 2022 $ 1,226 
2023 1,483 
2024 838 
2025 301 
2026 153 
Thereafter 278 
Total future fixed operating lease payments $ 4,279 
Less: Imputed interest $ 460 
Total operating lease liabilities $ 3,819 
Weighted-average remaining lease term - operating leases 3.25
Weighted-average discount rate - operating leases %

Due to our election to apply the effective date method of adoption for ASC 842, we have included the following additional disclosure under our historical lease accounting under ASC 840.
As of December 31, 2021, future minimum lease payments under non-cancelable operating lease were as follows

Lease Commitments
2022 $ 1,910 
2023 1,562 
2024 845 
2025 337 
2026 152 
Thereafter 286 
Total $ 5,092